Conflict of Interest Statement & Confidentiality Policy

Conflict of Interest Statement

The available pool of interested and informed individuals is small at present compared to human dentistry. Thus it will not be possible to appoint to the VOHC or its Panels only individuals with no likelihood of prior involvement in the development or testing of all potentially reviewable products. However, individuals appointed to any function in the process will be expected to withdraw from stating opinions or voting on issues regarding products in which they have had or have a personal, professional, or financial interest or involvement.

Confidentiality Policy

Materials submitted for review will be kept in confidence by all personnel, including Council and Review Panel members, no matter what the result of the review process. Specifically, the VOHC is not a regulatory agency and has no function to play in informing the public regarding products for which request for recognition of a claim was denied. The only information that VOHC provides on specific products is a list of products that have been awarded the VOHC Seal of Acceptance.