Usage Around the World

American Veterinary Dental College® (AVDC®), which provides oversight for VOHC. AVDC® is the approved veterinary dental specialist organization in North America. In collaboration with The Foundation for Veterinary Dentistry, AVDC® supports the annual Veterinary Dental Forum at rotating sites in North America each year. AVDC®, and The Foundation for Veterinary Dentistry sponsor Pet Dental Health Month in February in North America.

American Animal Hospital Association, the North American accrediting body for companion animal hospitals. AAHA publishes the AAHA Dental Care Guidelines for Dogs and Cats.

Foundation For Veterinary Dentistry (FVD), which publishes the quarterly Journal of Veterinary Dentistry. Anyone with an interest in veterinary dentistry is welcome to subscribe to the Journal.

Australian Veterinary Dental Society. An organization for veterinarians, dentists and other interested individuals in Australia. An Annual Meeting is held at a different location in Australia each year. August is Pet Dental Health Month in Australia.

British Veterinary Dental Association (BVDA). Members are veterinarians, dentists and other individuals interested in veterinary dentistry based in the UK. BVDA organizes an annual veterinary dental meeting in the UK.

European Veterinary Dental Society (EVDS). An organization for veterinarians, dentists and other interested individuals in Europe. An annual meeting is held in a different location in Europe each year.

European Veterinary Dental College (EVDC), which is the European Board of Veterinary Specialisation-approved veterinary dental specialty organization in Europe.